This Dog Couple Was Waiting At A Red Light. When The Other Dog Passes By? It’s HILARIOUS!

Jealousy is a very common challenge in any relationship. If you have a partner, you probably wouldn’t like it if they gave too much attention to other persons. But this is not exclusive to humans only, as you can see in the video that we featured for you just below. On it, we can see a dog couple having some small issues. One of the dogs caught the other staring at a cute poodle pooch while walking and the street. When you see what she did next, you’ll be rolling on the floor! They look just like a human couple!

The video is from an ad, for the car manufacturer Subaru. They usually feature a family of dogs, aptly named the Barkley family, in their advertisements, and on them you can see them having everyday mishaps and adventures. On this particular video, they are shown in the middle of a road trip. When they stop at a red light, a very pretty poodle walks by the street, and the doggie on the wheel can’t avoid staring right at her, to his mate’s anger. From what she does next, you can tell that she it didn’t make her happy at all!

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