Dog wows more than 6 million people with his funky dance moves, who wants to adopt him?

It happens to almost all of us… Everybody has that one song that makes you want to move to the beat. The rhythm takes us over, and we can’t help, but to tap our foot or even dance. You know it’s true.

I’m sure that the dog in this video would tune out any canine buddies that pointed their paws and laughed at him, but sometimes you have to dance like no one’s watching. To heck with the hecklers, I say!

We see a dog walking down a street near a car that has its passenger door open. Music is booming from the radio. It seems like a beautiful, hot day so people may be hanging around outside. At least one person is for sure… the guy who is filming this.

The doggie hears the music and stops. A second later, he starts bending his legs in time to the beat to make himself bounce up and down. It almost seems like an old Disney cartoon, with the way his body is moving. This is real life, though.

The dog continues to do a walk-bounce of sorts until he reaches the curb and steps on it. The song ends soon after that and he calmly walks off like this is something that he does every day. Maybe it’s something that he does every day – he seems pretty familiar with the beat of the song. In any case, it’s still great fun to watch him just bopping along to the music. Maybe he’s just a natural born dancer.

If this were a music video, that pooch would suddenly stand up and start busting out some dance moves that would make Simon Cowell push that Golden Buzzer! Haha!

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Dog wows more than 6 million people with his funky dance moves, who wants to adopt him?