This dog was on death row. When a groomer came along and offered free services? He saved the dog’s life!

Charlie was a stray dog found wandering on the streets of LA. He was in a poor condition when he was discovered. Matted and dirty Charlie was like you do not have any infestations or injuries that made his health poorer.

When he got to this LA area shelter, after he been rescued, life was still hardly a breeze. This shelter was heavily overcrowded and knew that the only way for the shelter to continue on was to euthanize several of the dogs. Charlie was on that list.

It was at that point the pet grooming company called Hollywood Grooming stepped in and changed Charlie’s life for the better. Hollywood Grooming offer free services to clean up Charlie to make him more attractive for the families that came in looking for a dog. Within just two days Charlie was adopted by a loving family.

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