This Dog Was On Death Row Because Of A Tumor, But In Came THIS Ranch!

As you probably already have guessed, we’re huge fans of animal rescue stories, and we love to highlight the fact that even though there are many animals who unfortunately suffer from living a life without a home, there’s also lots of people who work tirelessly to help them out and give them another chance at a happy life. The video below features exactly that, and you’re going to love this pup’s rescue story from the second you see him.

Vet Ranch Rescue is an organization like the ones we mentioned above, and they’re famous for saving all kinds of animals from the worst conditions ever, along with the treatment and care that they need and deserve. They sometimes even go as far as giving animals proper medical treatment even when they have no one to respond for the animals, economically. It really goes to show the passion that they have for their animals!

In the touching video below, you will see how Dr. Matt saves a dog named Ginger from Death Row, as he takes her right out of the claws of euthanasia to give her a chance to live again. The reason they were going to put her down was because she had a malignant tumor that would stop her from walking. But Dr. Matt knew that he could remove the tumor himself and save her life, no matter what the cost!

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