This Dog Didn’t Like Anyone Who Visited The Shelter, But When This Girl Visited, There Was An Instant Connection

Some humans, no matter how small, are able to break down the toughest of barriers when it comes to animals that have been abused. In some cases, like you’ll see in this video, it takes the innocence of a child to gain the trust of an abused dog. Watch as this little girl has an instant connection to this abused dog that wouldn’t respond to anyone who visited the shelter.

For a street dog, survival is tough because they are constantly having to overcome challenges like harsh weather, abusive humans, and most of all, the every day struggle to find food. This constant barrage of obstacles can cause them to lose hope and become depressed. That’s what happened Izzy, a street dog who was in a similar situation when rescuers from The Animal Alliance of New Jersey found her. Jersey found her.

When they found Izzy, she was covered in injuries and wounds when she was rescued from the streets of Philadelphia. We can only imagine what she had to go through all her life. Izzy had lost trust in humanity and she was afraid of humans. When people came to visit her in the shelter she wouldn’t greet or open her heart to anyone. But everything changed when a certain little angel walked in the shelter and immediately connected with Izzy. From that day forward, Izzy lived a life she truly deserved.

Stories like Izzy’s are extremely heartwarming and spread a ray of hope for all of us. It’s amazing to see that humans are able to erase the abuse that others dished out to innocent creatures. Please share this amazing clip with all of your friends!

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