His Dog Died From Eating This Green Slime. Here’s What You Need To Know For YOUR Pet At Home!

Lots of dogs enjoy the water, but if you live with one that does, you NEED to watch the following video, it could save their life! There’s a type of algae called Blue-green algae that can very quickly cause the death of any dog that comes into contact with it. It produces a toxin that can cause disease, seizures, and even death, and drinking infected water is enough to be deadly.

Even dogs that are perfectly healthy can die in a matter of minutes after ingesting the toxin, and in just a moment of lack of supervision, their families would lose them forever. Imagine the heartbreak that you would feel if you weren’t able to see your dog for the last time before losing them. I can only imagine how awful that would be. That’s why it’s important to watch informative videos such as the one below.

The blue-green algae is most commonly found in lakes, but they can be present in rivers as well. Excessive amounts of rain and humidity can also cause it to appear. The best way to go about the problem is, if you doubt of the cleanliness of the water or if it looks green at all, it’s best to stay out of it. Stay safe!

Watch the video for yourself below so that you know how to best prevent this problem.

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