This Dog Doesn’t Want To Eat Her Food, But Wait Till You See What Dad Did To Convince Her!

Dogs are the best. They love you with all their heart and their friendship is one of the most valuable things you could ever receive. They often come across as kids that don’t really grow up. They need love and care like little kids do, and you also need help them develop good habits right from the start. And just like little kids, pooches can get really fussy about what they eat.

The video below shows us the perfect example of Luna, the Golden Retriever. This adorable dog is a very picky eater, but her owner has finally found a solution to make her eat her food. Apparently Luna has watched her dad cook his own food many times and feels she deserves the same delicious hot meals that he makes for himself.

There’s just one problem. Luna doesn’t get people food because that would be bad for her. She eats dog food, but she doesn’t know that. Her dad puts her food in the oven to “cook” it before serving it to her, and she thinks she’s eating what her dad eats. The oven isn’t actually on, so don’t panic.

Thankfully, it works like a charm every time. He doesn’t really do anything. He just “cooks” Luna’s dry food in the oven! It is adorable how gullible this little girl is! What a sweetheart of a dad, too.

Watch this cute video below! Did this special little Retriever make you smile? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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