When You See What This Dog Was Doing Inside The Crib With The Baby, You Will Be Left Smiling Ear To Ear!

When our lovely four legged friends are around, the entertainment is not scarce. Dogs bring happiness, excitement and energy to the house and no one can deny this fact. With their boundless energy, they are always making the environment light and jolly. This video features a doggie who makes his owners happy as much as he can with his cheerful personality.

Humphrey is a Boston Terrier who is a very energetic and jumpy dog. He knows exactly what it takes to keep the family in good spirits. In the video, Humphrey jumps in and out of the baby crib leaving his little human and mom laughing out loud. More than mom, this baby seems to be enchanted by this canine friend’s behaviors. Especially when mama says “Get off the bed Humphrey”, this dog excitedly takes a round inside the crib.

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