This Dog And Donkey Are Best-Friends! You Won’t Believe How Adorable They Are!

There is a plethora of amazing, uplifting, heartwarming videos on the internet, alas! Such is the age we are living in, however once in a while one may come across a truly astounding story. Disability is possibly one of the most overwhelming challenges that any living being has to experience. When it happens in dogs, more often than not the result might be heartbreaking but they are a resilient species, that doesn’t know how to give up on life!

Most disabled dogs end up at animal shelters because no human wants to take responsibility of them and their disabilities, many special needs dogs are sadly neglected. However, today’s story features a particular disabled dog that was able to find a friend in an unlikely companion.

Meet Kolima, she suffers from wobbly syndrome, a condition that prevents her from growing at the same rate as the other puppies in her litter. She is unable to walk comfortably on her own and she’s constantly in pain. That’s when Kolima met Paolo.

Paolo is a donkey and he has adopted Kolima as his own and the two of them interact like they’re best friends when they’re together.

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