Dog dumped at shelter for being too depressed, watches family adopt a happier puppy

Adopting versus breeding. This has been an ongoing topic for a long time. The reasons for doing this are several. For starters, we are helping solve a current problem that we have in many states. There are hundreds of dogs that end up at shelters. Some of them end up being euthanized because the shelter is not able to find them homes fast enough. This is terribly unfair for the animals because they are being punished for a problem that we have created.

Although local authorities have been pushing this initiative for a long time, it still needs a lot of help from people like you and me. Besides spreading the news, we can all adopt a pet that is currently there. All they are looking for is a home where they can have some love and affection. They have all sorts of breeds and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you want a small or large dog. You’ll be able to find your perfect match there.

Do consider the size of your family when doing so and get informed about the breed’s pros and cons. The Chihuahua may look cute to kids but is not recommended for small children as they may handle him in a careless manner. The Chihuahua’s bones are very small and fragile. If the dog falls from a certain height, he or she can get severely injured. Some of them are not as fond of kids, so you should definitely check this out.

Another popular dog is the German Shepperd. This breed is used primarily for herding and guarding purposes. This means that it is a working dog. If you are a person who does not get out that much or who does not like exercise, this will probably not be the best breed for you. They are also very empathic animals. This means that if anyone in the family is very sad, the dog will probably go and see how he or she can make the person feel better. They can also be very emotional and can get affected when someone in the family passes away.

The following clip features a family who lived through a tragedy. One of their dogs passes away. This leaves everyone very sad, especially their other pup, a German Shepperd. The remaining dog got severely depressed and the family feels that there is nothing they can do for him. They feel that the best thing to do is put him up for adoption. They go to the shelter and inform the people there of what the picture looks like.

The shelter decides to take in their dog and promises to get him a nice loving home. One that will be able to provide him with the love and support he so desperately needs. The family says goodbye to the dog and they head back home. The people from the shelter give the dog their usual checkup and confirm he has all his vaccinations. A few days later, something happens in the shelter that takes everyone by surprise. The family shows up again. They are not coming back for their dog. They wish to adopt another ‘happier’ pup. The shelter staff is shocked. Check out the video to see what happens next, fortunately, it has a happy ending!