When This Dog Was Eating His Meal, His Bird Friend Did Something So Touching

Interspecies relationships and communication are a really fascinating topic that has grabbed many people’s interest recently. How these animals interact with each other in wild is really different from the way they interact in a household, but watching them in the home can be just as entertaining. Sometimes their interactions show what a strong bond these different species have with each other and it is very heart-warming to watch. This video shows one such interesting interspecies relationship with two of the most unlikely friends I’ve ever seen.

In this video, this dog enjoys his meal as his cockatiel friend delivers his no-holds-barred mealtime serenade as he sits on the floor next to the dog’s bowl. This bird does not miss a single beat, which is really impressive. By the look of it, it seems that it is a regular occurrence in this household. What is more interesting is the reaction of this dog when his friend is trying so hard to impress him with his vocals. The dog’s reaction is kind of funny because he is clearly more interested in his food than the song, but he keeps looking at the bird like, “This again?” But I think if the bird wasn’t there, this dog would really miss his feathered friend and his serenade during meal times

Watch this bird entertaining his dog friend as he gobbles up his food. This pair is absolutely adorable.

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