A Dog And Elephant Bonded Over Their Mutual Love Of Swimming In This Waterhole!

In 1981 Bubbles the elephant was left as an orphan when the rest of her family was killed for their ivory by poachers. Over the next few years she wandered helplessly in the wild until she was eventually brought to the Myrtle Beach Safari in 1983.

Over the next few years she grew up to me in an elephant weighing over 9000 pounds. She loves to spend time down in the watering hole swimming and having mud baths. It was there at the watering hole one day when she met Bella the Labrador.

Bella had been abandoned by her owner and brought to the sanctuary to build a new life. Almost instantly Bubbles and Bella bonded over their love for the water. These 2 animals became friends and love spending time with each other.

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