The Dog Would Escape Through The Fence Every Day. The Reason? It’s Beyond Words

Ever since he was born, everything had always come more slowly for Danny, even basics like sitting up straight, walking, and talking. Doctors had no idea what was causing his developmental delays. The good news was that Danny had been adopted by a loving family. Dixie and Edward Morgan and their two other children were patient and accepting.

The kids wanted a dog, but their parents resisted. As Dixie admitted, “My husband and I are not really dog people. True confession!” Coincidentally, a dog had just moved in across the street. A German Shepherd named Saki had been rescued when she was just a puppy and was slated for training by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. In the meantime, Saki was being fostered by Dennie Fiddler, a neighbor of the Morgans. This was a dog with ideas of her own. She began slipping through the fence and heading over to the Morgan house. “When Saki first appeared at our doorstep, my husband was conveniently out of town. How would a dog know this?”

The other two kids were a little wary of Saki at first, but then something incredible happened. Danny went right up to her and gave her a big hug! Saki kept coming to visit, only interested in spending time with Danny. The confidence and emotional support Saki gave him actually helped speed up his development. His speech improved and so did his motor skills. Even Edward, who’d never been one for dogs changed his mind about canines. “When I saw Danny and Saki playing, it was too much. It just melted my heart.”

The people at the search dog foundation weren’t inclined to let the Morgans adopt Saki but once they came to visit and saw what the dog had done for Danny, they changed their mind. The dog had found her real rescue mission, saving a little boy.

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