This dog would escape through the fence every day. The reason will touch your heart!

When I was little, I asked my mother once if she believed guardian angels existed. I believed that there was one guardian angel ‘assigned’ to each boy or girl. At least that’s what I had seen in movies and cartoons. She told me that God has many ways of protecting and watching over us and that a guardian angel was only one of them.

I grew up wondering how my guardian angel looked. Maybe he was very tall, or he was normal size. I wondered how his face would look. I would turn to books to the answers to these questions. I was a very shy kid and after a while, I created an imaginary friend. His name was Michael. I had read in the Bible about one Archangel that is mentioned in many places. His name is Michael, too.

I read about all the times he appeared in the Bible and although he doesn’t appear that much, when he does, he is always the winner of one of the battles. So, I decided to name my imaginary friend after him. Deep down I wished that he would hear me when I talked to my imaginary friend. It would usually be after I had been punished for doing something wrong.

I would go to my room and talk to Michael. I would say that I was sorry and that I didn’t like to feel that way. Michael never answered back but I often pretended that he did. This was a phase that I went through and after a couple of years, I forgot about my imaginary friend, but not about God. I grew up in a Christian church and would listen to gospels and the pastor every weekend.

This helped me develop my character and I learned to be compassionate. Knowing that I had a guardian angel also helped me cope with many things. When I was about 8 years old, my parents got me a dog. He was a black Labrador and his name was Blackie. Once I got the puppy, he became my new guardian angel in many ways.

I can confirm that having a dog is life-changing in many ways for a boy growing up. This is why when my son asked me for a cat, I could not say no even though I had never been a cat person. I have seen how the cat has changed my son in very positive ways, and while their story would be a nice one to tell, it would pale in comparison to the story in the next video. I won’t ruin the story for you, so click on the video to see the powerful story of a boy and a dog. Witness how the dog changed the boy’s life for the better in more ways than one!