His Dog Was Feeling Cold Outside, So Watch What This Loving Dad Did Next

Some people are dream pet owners and treat their pets like part of the family, maybe even spoiling them just a little bit. We have to love these kinds of people, especially when they record their animals for all of us to enjoy. Some people ensure that their pets are not only happy with them, but pampered too, as you will see in this next clip. The lucky dogs in this video belong to very special owners who believe their dogs are highly valued members of the family. You are going to be very amused when you see what this owner did for his dogs.

This Alaskan man loves his canine partners and he wanted to make sure they had the best shelter available, especially during the frigid Alaskan winters. That is why he decided to build them a “Dog Mahal,” a wonderful heated dog house which he expects will last them a long time. He says that his dogs love it, especially the heat lamp and the insulated interior of the Mahal. This took him around 25 hours to construct, but he thinks it is worth it for his beloved pets to live in luxury. You can see just how much they adore him for it.

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