This Dog Has A Whole Fountain To Himself. You Have To See What He Does With It!

We have all seen those fountains at public parks that shoot streams of water into the air. These fountains are fun to watch and kids really enjoy playing in them. A great way to cool off in the summer, you will often find lots of people hanging out around them.

In this video, a fountain in Brooklyn New York has attracted some people enjoying it; and one very playful pooch. The dog has the entire fountain to itself and takes full advantage of the opportunity.

It must be really tiring trying to keep up with this very high energy dog. The dog seems so amused by the water that it can’t stop running back and forth.
This is amazing to witness and everyone seems to think this dog is performing for their enjoyment.

Check out this very cool video. You too will have lots of fun watching this really cute dog preform. We’d love to hear what you think about this video in the comments!

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