Dog Gets Pie On The Face And Watch It Eat! Family Game Nights Will Never Be The Same!

There are a lot of weird games out there. I would wager many of them are of Japanese origin, since they love to do strange things to each other. Just watch a Japanese game show to see what I mean. One of them was sort of imported to the U.S.: “Wipeout”. It would not surprise me that the game that we see in this video was originally from Japan. It’s just that bizarre, though the dog that’s in it doesn’t mind.

We see a Rottweiler sitting at a table with his human brother. They are playing a pie-in-the-face game. No, I didn’t know this was ever a ‘thing’, but then again, I’m old. It has a paper square with a hole in it for the person to stick their face behind a catapult. There is a handle running through the side of the catapult. A person twists the handle until the catapult sends a small pie, about a fist-sized one, into the victim’s face. The dog gets hit and promptly swallows the pie. Yum!

The game is one of chance. Each person spins a wheel and then turns a clicker on the side of the catapult that number of times and if it doesn’t shove the pie in your face, then it’s the next person’s turn. It’s basically a very, very safe… and possibly yummy version of Russian Roulette. I’ve seen some videos of people playing it and it can be side-splittingly funny when the person gets pied in the face.

Of course, the dog is going to love this game… it gives him an extra chance to eat something! No dog is going to turn down the chance to get food. It is really funny to see him stick his face in the hole where people normally do it. His muzzle also means the pie gets to him faster than it would for people. Hey, that’s a win-win for everyone involved. Well, maybe not the parents who have to clean up the mess after all of this.

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