Dog gets a surprise birthday present: a puppy! Now watch when he gets closer to her.

It’s actually pretty common for pet owners to buy their furry friends presents on a special occasion like a birthday or holiday. Usually, it’s a fun toy or a delicious treat. Often, these presents are nicely wrapped up and for dogs, in particular, maniacally ripping the wrapping paper off is a lot of fun. One pair of pet parents decided to get creative when they gave their goldendoodle Rhett Barkley a special present.

Different thought they look, various breeds of dog are all members of one species. This means that all sorts of crossbreeds are possible. The “original” dog breeds had been created with an eye to producing working dogs. Today’s crossbreeds are more often bred as companion animals. One of the more popular “designer dogs” is the goldendoodle, a blend of golden retriever and poodle.

“Come see what we got, Rhett!” Knowing (or smelling) that something is up, the goldendoodle is barking as soon as he’s through the door. He hustles over to his human mom who is there with a box with wrapping paper on the sides. She opens to the top and what does Rhett see? Not a collection of chew toys or year’s supply of dog biscuits. There’s an adorable little puppy named Scarlett inside! At first he’s a little bit confused and maybe even frightened. Perhaps he was just surprised. But it isn’t long before tails are wagging and Rhett and Scarlett are introducing themselves to each other. Next up: the two of them are frolicking outside with their human dad.

We’ve posted the charming video of Rhett getting his birthday present below. You won’t be surprised to hear it already has over 7 million views. Be sure to let us know how you liked it in the comments at Facebook and don’t forget to like and share!