This Dog Gets Upset When Her Ball Falls Into The Pool, And She Is Determined To Rescue It

For almost every dog out there, water is either the greatest fun ever, or the scariest and most despicable thing. If you have ever lived with a dog who falls into the latter category, you have probably seen how it’s impossible to get them into the water even if it’s just for a quick bath. And you can forget about pools and the sea, too! Some pups just prefer to stay dry and will do whatever they have to do to stay out of the water, which can apparently lead to some rather creative problem solving, as you will see in this next clip.

The size of the dog in question isn’t always the most important factor, either. Sometimes, even huge dogs such as mastiffs can be scared to death when going near a body of water. On the other hand, though, when a dog does like the water, it’s almost impossible to keep them dry if they have access to it. Golden retrievers and Labradors are famous for their love of water, for example.

Rosie, the dog who stars in the video below, has a distaste for water that is pretty evident. The ball that she was playing with fell into the pool, and she just won’t get into the water under any circumstances. Instead, she thought of an alternative clever way to get her ball back. What a smart pup!

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