Dog Goes In For Surgery On His Eyes. I Was So Moved By What Happened Next.

We’re always anxious when one of our pets has surgery. Even though we know that they are in the hands of a skilled animal surgeon who has spent years studying anatomy, it’s still nerve wracking when they are in the operating room. There’s like a mental checklist of about 1,000 things that can go wrong. Then there’s a relief when the surgery is finished and everything is fine. That’s evident in this video about a dog named Duffy, who got his eyesight back.

We see Duffy being led into an exam room that’s full of his family members. He’s wearing a cone to protect his head. He’s ecstatic to be seeing them with his eyes again. He’s so thrilled that his tail is wagging at like 1,000 times a minute. Some of the comments complained about how they talked to the dog in high-pitched sappy voices. To that I say, let it alone. This is their dog and they can talk to him (kindly) in any voice they want.

I’m not sure how long he had spent being blind. The video description said that he had developed diabetes at some point and lost his sight as a result. Then his daddy got him stable and he was able to have the surgery. It’s not like he was born blind as a puppy and this was the first time he was seeing anything. He would have probably shown a lot more confusion, since he’d be seeing everything for the first time.

Duffy seems like an amazing dog. He’s so overjoyed to be able to see his parents and other family members again. It’s such a joy to see him so eager to walk around and look at everyone. Even a cone around his neck is not enough to stop him from making his rounds. There are a lot of great stories about medical breakthroughs with humans. It’s time that we saw some that involve animals.

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