A dog got adopted 4 years ago. Check out what he does when he sees an old friend.

Going through the adoption process teaches many families all the different facets that the adopted dogs need to go through. Some of these dogs have been there for a long time. For the shelters where these dogs reside, keeping them there for a long time is sometimes very difficult. They constantly need to keep taking dogs in, and the process of freeing up space is not always what people would like it to be.

There have been many government organizations that have been pushing towards the adoption of older dogs to keep them from being euthanized. Most of the people who go for a dog prefer a dog who is younger, especially if the adopting family has kids. There are all sorts of breeds from which the family can choose. The first time I went to one I saw a whole litter of Bulldogs.

Bulldogs are a breed that was created purely for companionship purposes. When this breed was created, only noble men and women had access to it. They were given one of these pups as a present to wish them good fortune. Especially if the gift was to a married couple. The dog didn’t really need to do anything as he or she would be carried everywhere they needed to go.

This is why these dogs are not very active. In fact, all the exercise they need is pretty much done at home. On top of that, these dogs are well-known for being stubborn. They go where they want to go, and they are not big fans of playing fetch, either. If you get one of these dogs, you need to take this into account. They are also prone to certain genetic and skin problems.

Some of the other dogs you can see at shelters are Shepherds, Terriers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and Retrievers. I would say that my favorite breed has got to be Terriers. Why? They are very portable and very active as well. They love going out to the park and playing fetch. They also enjoy hunting, which is the purpose they were bred for in the first place.

The couple in the following video decided they needed a new pet. They went to their local shelter where they saw many candidates until they found the one that was the best fit for them. This dog turned out to be the best choice they could have made. Their dog had many adventures, but the adoptive family wanted to make a dream come true for the dog. It was to get him reunited with his siblings. They made a few phone calls, and this is how it went.