Dog Got Lost FAR From Home. When Her Family Was FINALLY Reunited With Her? Tear-Jerking!

When it comes to our pets it’s easy to say that we are attached. We love them so much and they are very much a part of our lives that when we are unable to see them or be around them it feels as if we are missing a piece of ourselves.

One of the most popular to have are dogs. Dogs have always been the pet of choice for most people, which is pretty understandable. Dogs are loving, sweet, loyal and they make great companions for all different types of people with all different lifestyles.

People love their dogs and when something happens to them it can be pretty devastating. That is what we see in this video when one family lost their dog Bella. Bella was a beloved member of their family and they were in shock when they couldn’t find her. They took time off work searching for her and made flyers to put up all over their neighborhood.

For days they searched but they found no sign of Bella, finally they got a call that Bella had been found miles away in a different city. The family rushed to her and were finally reunited with their beloved dog. Watch the touching reunion on the video below, but be prepared to cry, we know we did!

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