Dog And Guinea Pig Share A Summertime Meal Together. Their Expressions? ADORABLE.

Seeing animals share a meal is always fun to watch, especially if they are two different species. I’ve written about one video where a dog eats his food while a bird sings to him. Cats and dogs can eat meals together. It’s just fun to see interspecies harmony. I wish our current political leaders could see these sort of things – it might make them reconsider how they act toward each other. Take this video here, for example…

We see a guinea pig named Oliver and a dog named Nova sitting on a rug in the kitchen, with a watermelon slice in the center of it. They are eating to their heart’s content. It’s funny, seeing the size difference between Nova, who looks like she’s some kind of brown husky mix, and Oliver, who is barely the size of the canine’s head. Neither is particularly bothered by the presence of the other – they are too busy chowing down.

The two of them seem to be close friends. Nova is letting Oliver munch away on that watermelon though she could probably eat the whole thing. Then again, perhaps it is the other way around: Oliver is permitting Nova to eat some of his watermelon. In any case, both of them are going to walk away in a little bit with a full belly. Then they can go to sleep and dream of another watermelon in the future.

Seeing unlikely friendships like these never fail to warm my heart. This video also made me feel better, since I’m writing about this on a chilly February day and it makes me think of the summer, which is months away, but will be here in the seeming blink of an eye. Then Oliver and Nova can hunker down again and start wolfing down another watermelon. Perhaps we’ll see another video of that.

Did this video make you think of summer too? Have had any funny animal experiences with watermelon?

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