This Dog Was Heartlessly Buried Underneath Sidewalk. Watch Her Harrowing Rescue.

A pregnant dog was buried alive on the sidewalk and was left for dead. But thanks to the efforts of a kind man and the entire neighborhood, the poor dog and her future puppies survives the ordeal.

There’s something about being buried alive that is so cruel and gritty. The video is in Russian and it happened in the Russian town of Voronezh in front of the house of resident Vladim Rustam. According to the commenters on the YouTube video who speaks the language, the dog may have been accidentally buried alive after it tripped into a hole during construction.

On the other hand, some commenters claim that construction workers may have purposely buried the dog. We hope that isn’t actually the case.

The road was patched up by the government days earlier after a sinkhole was spotted forming in the area, which somehow ended up in the heartbreaking entombment of an innocent dog.

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