They Find Their Dog Playing in the Snow and The Game He Invents Has Everyone Laughing!

dog plays in snowThis wag of a pooch really knows how to enjoy himself. Out for a walk one day, his owner catches their pet’s antics on camera for us to enjoy. The enterprising canine starts at the top of a sizeable slope and slides all the way downhill – on his back!

Although he is full-grown, this clever dog still knows how to invent some winter fun and party like a pup. And the funniest part of it is the sight of all four legs AND his tail all sticking straight up heavenward, as he hurtles down the slope.

dog plays in snow hillIt is quite evident that the dog finds his new game entertaining. When he reaches the bottom of the slope, he trots back up the hill to start his tobogganing all over again.

It brings back fun-filled memories of kids playing on their sleds on a perfect, snowy day. We have to hope that this playful dog gets home from his walk, puffed out and happy, to receive a doggy treat from his amused owners.

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