A dog in Hollister is rescued by a six year old, what happens later is just too cute

It may not always be easy to be able to get close to an animal that is extremely skittish. It may be a bit rough trying to make communication or rescue them from being homeless. There are many who get lucky and many who don’t. It’s the approach that’s important. If you walk up to a dog that is skittish, chances are they will book it faster than you can say, “what?” With a fast and cunning hound on the loose, with many trying to detain her, they finally reached a conclusion after one little girl spoke up.

Sometimes, it’s not about thinking bigger. Sometimes you just need a smaller thinker on the job to make sure that everything goes as smooth as silver. After Daisy had run away for a decent chunk of time, the people in one neighborhood would occasionally be graced with an appearance before she decided to run back off for a while. Not a single one seemed to have a solution to catch the hound. They tried many different methods to save Daisy, but when it came time to stop messing around, an adorably sweet and small girl chose a different approach.

When she saw Daisy in a field, she chose to approach slowly. Daisy seemed as though she was going to make a break for it yet again. However, when you see how this resourceful little girl attempts to secure Daisy, I’m sure you will be in tears. How amazingly beautiful.

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