Dog From Inmate Program Helps A School Shooting Victim Find Happiness Again! I’m SOBBING!

Few things in this life are more inspiring that personal stories of survival and determination to pull through, and when we come across a story as sweet as this one, we can’t help but share it with you immediately. It goes like this: Back in the year 2012, Nick Walczak was involved in a tragic school shooting, and he barely made it out alive that day. He might have survived, but he still received 4 bullet wounds in his body, and as lucky as he might be for making it, he was sadly still told by the doctors that he would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Receiving that kind of news can be heartbreaking for pretty much anyone, but Nick wasn’t giving up any time soon! He was determined to beat the depression that his new challenge had placed upon him, and he wasn’t going to let this impairment break his spirit! Even though he cannot walk, he can now beat any obstacle on his way thanks to his new best friend, an adorable service helper dog! Nick got enrolled in the WAGS program, which stands for Working Animals Giving Service For Kids, and this amazing program not only helps prison inmates rehabilitate by raising a puppy to become a service dog, but they also give those precious pups to the kids that need them the most.

Watch the full story right below, it’s a real heart-warmer!

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