Dog is abandoned for years, until one day she recognizes a familiar smell that changes everything

Dogs can form strong relationships with their human parents over time, an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime. The second you walk out the door to go to work they have no idea that you’re coming back, and that love and joy they show on your return is more than genuine. They don’t have a concept of time, so even if you’re only gone a couple of seconds, they’ll leap and lick you to death like you were gone for hours.

Pakita was found to be wandering the streets of Buenos Aires before she was found by a care team and brought into a shelter just south of the city. Argentina and South America in general has a problem with stray and street dogs, but there are those good Samaritans who are doing their best to look after the animals. Pakita had a place to stay, but she lived there for over two years, becoming depressed and offering little when it came to the chances of getting adopted.

Shelter workers decided to try a different approach and put videos on the internet, attempting to drum up publicity and help find Pakita a home. In a fortuitous moment right out of a movie, someone recognised Pakita and contacted the shelter. That someone was the mother of Pakita’s former human, Ariel Naveira.

Ariel had been searching for his missing pooch for the past two years without success when his mother messaged him to say she was sure she had found the lost pet on a dog shelter website. And the moment he arrives to make sure it is actually Pakita will melt your heart!

Lost and alone for years and then living on the streets and then in the shelter, Pakita had natural retreated into herself and become depressed, head always bowed with a sad look in her eyes. When Ariel first arrives to see her, she was confused, tentatively sniffing this new human and keeping her distance. But it soon becomes clear that this isn’t a new human – it’s an old one! Pakita recognises his smell, and she bursts out of her shell in the most heart-warming way imaginable!

Barking, leaping, licking and wagging, Pakita has found her daddy after two long years. Imagine how that must have felt! Make sure to watch this remarkable reunion in the video below and share with your dog-loving family and friends. We’re so happy Pakita is finally home!