Loyal dog unexpectedly joins newlywed parents for their first dance

Dog joins newlywed parents' wedding dance

Weddings are one of the most awaited occasions almost every couple wants to achieve in their relationship. This is the time where they will exchange lifetime vows and commitment with each other.

Some want to have it in a significant way where they will invite a large number of guests. While some wanted it to be intimate and only invited their close relatives and loved ones.

But regardless of which you prefer, I know that you will agree that your beloved pets should be part of the guest list, if not your entourage. They are very much considered as part of our family.

Dog joins newlywed parents' wedding dance

Sure this couple understands that feeling and decides to include their dog in their wedding. With complete attire, no one would think that this cute dog doesn’t belong.

The amazing part, though, happens during the couple’s first dance. In the middle of their dance, the dog decides to join them as if he is celebrating their union.

The couple gladly welcomed him, and they all joyfully celebrated the first dance together. It was indeed one of the highlights of their wedding.

Weddings are truly glorious, but this couple’s wedding has become much more wonderful because all of their guests show the love that their dog offers to the couple.

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