His Dog Jumps Into The Water And Immediately Rolls Onto His Back. What Happens Next? OMG!

As you know, little else can brighten up your day as quickly as a funny, adorable dog video. Whether you watch a puppy trying to howl or a dog pushing people into the pool, there is a reason dogs are our best friends.

In this short video, watch as one dog relaxes in a spa bath while the other looks on eagerly begging for his turn.

The video starts with the first Labrador retriever lying in the bubble-bath tub on her back. She is foamed up with the soap and has a look of pure spa relaxation on her face. The man is rubbing her legs and cleaning her thoroughly. It must feel like a massage for this lucky dog.

But her friend is getting impatient. He wants his turn at the dog spa. With his tail down, he comes over to the bathing dog and the man tells the dog to “wait.”

Look at the bathing dog’s face at the 50-second mark. She is in heaven! None of the sounds in the environment are bothering her as she relaxes and gives herself over to the dog spa treatment.

And when the camera comes in for a close up at 1:20? The look on that dog’s face is priceless. If I was the dog watching, I would be eager for my turn too!

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