This Dog Just Wants To Eat His Dinner, But His Feathered Friend Wants Meal Time To Be Special

Friendships that cross the species barrier are just adorable. I am a huge fan of seeing different species get along with and love each other, and the bond you will see in this next video is particularly special, even if the dog doesn’t seem to truly appreciate the gift he’s given from his feathered friend. This dynamic duo of a dog and bird will definitely steal your heart, all while finishing their lunch! The following clip is absolutely adorable!

This very special bird puts on a great show for his furry friend while he eats. It’s not every day that a dog gets a theme song performed especially for him during meal time. It’s kind of like going to a restaurant and getting serenaded! This bird is a true and talented friend that makes this dog’s meal time something special. Although, the dog doesn’t really seem to care.
I do love how this dog just accepts the company of the bird and his singing even if he’s not interested. They are obviously good pals and know each other very well, and are no doubt good company for each other. Because these two are so different, their bond is really special and unique. And it is just kind of funny to watch the dog ignore the bird. Clearly he has meal time on his mind and doesn’t really care how it happens.

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