This Dog Just Wants To Eat His Dinner, But Watch What His Feathered Friend Does! PRICELESS!

Interspecies friendships are extremely adorable. I am a huge fan because seeing different species along makes me happy. This amazing duo of a dog and bird will definitely steal your heart, all while finishing their lunch! The following clip is absolutely adorable!

This adorable bird is putting a great show for his friend. It’s not every day that you get a theme song to your meal time. Like going to a restaurant with live music! Now that is a true and talented friend Great, what more could a dog ask for, looks like a decent home, food, and music for every meal!

I love seeing how the dog accepts and appreciates the little bird company. They truly are excellent pals, this is the beauty of being raised together in a nice house. I’ve also seen dogs and cats getting along once they grow up together. These bonds are truly amazing!

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