This Dog Just Wants To Eat His Dinner, But Watch What His Feathered Friend Does

Interspecies friendships are extremely adorable. I am a huge fan because seeing different species get along makes me happy. This amazing duo of a dog and bird will definitely steal your heart, all while finishing their lunch! The following clip is absolutely adorable, in large part because of the uniqueness of their relationship.

This adorable bird is putting a great show for his friend. It’s not every day that you get a theme song to your meal time. It’s like going to a restaurant with live music! This is a true and talented friend who will sing to you while you eat your meal. What more could a dog ask for? It’s clear to me after watching the video that this dog and bird have been together for quite some time and have their daily routine to follow. Fortunately for us, the owner decided to record this amusing moment on video and share it with all of us.
I love seeing how the dog accepts and appreciates the little bird’s company. After all, no one likes to eat alone, right? They truly are excellent pals, although the dog’s reaction to the bird’s serenade is quite funny. He doesn’t actually seem all that entertained by it and looks a little confused as to why the bird is singing. His face is so sweet though, and he doesn’t seem to mind the company. These bonds are truly amazing!

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