This Dog Just Woke Up, And Wait Till You See What He Does During The Day

Dogs are a gift to mankind. They are really faithful and they somehow always manage to make us smile without even trying. They are also a brilliant source of entertainment, and as this adorable video shows, they can actually help you get things done! Meet Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier. This talented pooch is going to leave you stunned with his useful dog tricks. I can’t imagine the time his owner must have spent training him, but it’s no surprise that a Jack Russell can do all of the things Jesse can. They are very intelligent and if they are not kept busy, they can often be mischievous.

I am sure all of you have tried to teach your dog some tricks. While most of us are having trouble with “roll over”, this owner somehow taught her dog to carry out some daily household chores! Jesse is one of the smartest pups I have seen on the internet. He opens blinds, closes shower curtains, turns lights on and off, boils coffee, fetches newspapers, and he can even open the door for his owner and close it after she carries in the groceries. This dog can even unzip jackets and suitcases and untie his owner’s shoes.

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