A dog leads a policeman to his house to help his owner!

Service dogs can be of a lot of help to all those people who get them. Most of the people who get one have some sort of disability. Not being able to see clearly is one of the conditions that can get you qualified for a service dog. They are specially trained to aid people in getting from point A to point B, alerting them to possible street hazards and even helping them with their medication.

These dogs have been responsible for the most awesome rescues to date. I remember hearing about one whose owner had fainted in the bathroom. To make things worse, the house was starting to catch on fire. The service dog went to a nearby cross-street where there was always a police officer. He got the officer’s attention and they went back to the home where the senior patient was rescued on time.

Dogs don’t have to be service-dogs to become heroes. One cold and calm winter morning in Wisconsin, a local police officer by the name of Jeff Gonzalez saw a black Labrador running up to him on the street. He could see the dog had been running for a long time and it was as if he had been looking for him. Initially, the officer thought that the dog was a street dog.

But he wasn’t a stray dog, the dog had a collar, so he was clearly someone’s dog. Maybe the dog had just escaped his home or was looking for his owner. When the dog reached the officer, the officer could see that the dog seemed to be worried about something. The officer drives his car closer to where the dog is, and the dog responds by jumping around frantically. It becomes clear to the officer that the dog is trying to get his attention. Once the dog has the officer’s attention, he takes off at top speed. The officer drives his car after the dog.

They get to a home where the officer sees a woman, she was unconscious. She was in a chair but was not moving a bit. The officer notices that the woman was still wearing her pajamas even though it was way past morning time. Her lips looked blue from the cold. Initially, the officer thinks that the woman has frozen to death, but upon getting closer, he notices she isn’t. The officer takes the woman inside her house for warmth and calls 911 for an ambulance.

But who was this woman, and especially, what happened to her and her dog? Click on the video for the awesome conclusion!