This Dog Was Left Homeless To Fend For Himself, Watch His Reaction When Rescuers Came Along!

Danny the pit Bull was homeless and in dire need of help. When rescuers found him he was nervous and it would come near them until they bribed him with food. The poor dog had been hit by a car but fortunately had only received a few bruises.

The rescuers were from a non-for profit animal rescue organization called Hope for Paws. Hope for Paws works in the Los Angeles area and has saved and fostered out hundreds of animals during the eight years they have operated. The organization was established by Audrey and Eldad Hagar, who championed filming and putting their rescues onto YouTube so that the general population can understand what the stray dogs go through.

This is such an amazing rescue. Watch how careful and gentle the rescuers are with Danny.

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