This dog has lived her whole life in chains – Now check what she does when they come to help!

There are many organizations who have stepped up for the many dogs who are living in very difficult conditions. Some of them are not fed regularly, which is unfair because they are also left locked up in people’s yards or dumpsters. These dogs not only have to live with famine but are defenseless against the many infections that are lurking in the air, water, and soil.

Many of the neighbors are the first contact for these organizations. They provide the organizations with valuable information on the dogs’ living conditions and owner. If the owner is found unfit to take care of their animals, then the animals are seized and placed in temporary foster homes until their case is ruled by a judge.

Many of these people who foster these dogs get no money for their care and efforts. They do it out of the kindness of their heart. For them, the greatest reward is watching these dogs go from shy little pups to happy dogs who are playful and want to explore every nook and cranny of their new homes. There have been cases where the rescued dog doesn’t like his new place enough, or that he misses his past foster parent.

In those cases, it is usually a decision that the appointed foster parent must make. There was a case where an adopted dog ran away from his new home because he missed his last foster dad. The appointed owner decided to leave the custody to the temporary foster parent. For him, it was a question of heart. He saw that the dog was happier with her and that was good enough for him.

There’s a wonderful organization you might not have heard of. Their name is Coalition to Unchain Dogs. This organization’s mission is giving dogs better lives by proving free services. Among these services are regular vaccinations, spay/neuter if needed, and even fences to surround them with safe space to roam freely. Many of these dogs that get fences, have been chained for a long time.

When this organization was told about Oreo and Mama’s situation. They knew these two dogs were their priority. The organization treated the dogs with utmost care and compassion. The dogs’ reaction was almost too much to bear. The organization built a sturdy fence, so they could play without needing to be tied down. The magical moment when Oreo and Mama got their chance to ‘test-live’ their new enclosure was captured on video for everyone to see. This is one of those moments you are going to want to share with your friends and family!