This Dog Had Lost His Will To Survive, But Seconds Later His Heroes Arrive

We hear many stories about animal cruelty that are just heartbreaking. But the worst cases of animal abuse are the ones that result from indifference and neglect. No matter how devastating you find this story, by the end you will be incredibly thankful for the heroes who the initiative to save this dog.

Angel was one of the most horrible cases of neglect that Rescue From the Heart had ever seen. Someone had starved her for what looked like months. Angel was certainly dying when the rescue organization discovered her. In the video you’ll first see a bag of bones that has given up on life and lost her will to survive. She was ignored for so long she was basically a skeleton. Angel truly needed a miracle and the team knew they would have to give her back the will to live.

The feeding process was painfully slow, but feeding her too fast could mean death. Over time, Angel’s true nature and wonderful personality began to shine through, and rescuers knew she was well on her way to being healthy and happy again. She began to eat, walk, and make new friends. Despite all odds, she regained her will to live and began to thrive.

The change is Angel by the end of the video is nothing short of a miracle. And in addition to learning to live again, she found her forever home! Everyone should see this.

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