Dog Lover Rescues 45 Precious Dogs! When He Sets Them Free on A 4 Acre Plot of Land? Heart-Warming.

To give unto others is a huge sign that you can be fulfilled. To care about others not more than you care about yourself but to the effect that you enrich someone’s life just by giving them something they don’t have. Something they need to be happy that leads to both of your lives being enriched. When this happens, we find ourselves in the realms of nonprofits and the like. Some, however choose to take charge of their giving.

This gracious host has decided to adopt some whopping FOURTY-FIVE hounds. Wow, that number still baffles me. How is he going to hold them all? Lo and behold, this smart charitable man has thought of it all. With the help of many friends he decided to build an enclosure around his Four-acre plot of land. And wow, when you see how overwhelmingly happy they are, I think it’ll spark a fire in your soul. I know it did for me. Husky’s, German shepherds- you name it. Most of them seem to be hounds that didn’t have a high rate of adoption just because of the amount of that breed at the shelter. I’m sure he went for all the dogs that had a lower chance of being adopted. This way they could all find a way to be loved and cared for.

Luckily, they aren’t short on friends. With the other 44 friends, they have, they also have a breed that isn’t quite a dog.  They have a beautiful wolf that now has forty-five other friends to play with. Which I’m sure he feels just about the same as the rest of the dogs do as soon as they are released onto the grounds. The looks on all their precious faces are too much. Each of them galloping quickly to explore this massive piece of land. I think they thought it would end sooner than they expected because seriously, this is an immense settlement. They all look so happy, and when you think about it, I would be two if I were in their “paw pads.”

Being contained day after day in the same cage with enough room to move, but no grass. No grass to feel under their paws. They didn’t get to feel the wind through their fur every day. They didn’t get to play with a bunch of friends. Just sitting, hopeful that each day would be the last day they were confined in the metal prison. Waiting for someone to give all their love to.

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