Dog Loves His Baby Pacifier, Watch How He Reacts Does When Dad Tries To Take It! LOL

It’s a great era for the animal enthusiasts! Nowadays sharing pictures and videos of your pets have become exceedingly easy. Every time you access any social network you are bound to find adorable furry pals to fawn over! This clip features a retriever using a pacifier. It can’t get much cuter than that!

While, the standard for cute animal videos quickly rose way above what was usually considered “funny”, by dog video standards. Nowadays, it’s mostly unique and interesting videos that are able to catch everyone’s attention. It’s too tiring to see videos of dogs doing the same thing over and over again, but thankfully, the clip that we brought today shows us something that I’ve never seen before, not even once! Its common knowledge that babies love their pacifiers, and hate it when you take them away, but I’d never known that dogs were the same!

When you see Max, the cute golden retriever in the video below, you’ll definitely fall in love with him. You can see him using a baby’s pacifier as if it was for himself, and when his dad tries to take it, he refuses absolutely.

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