His Dog Loves Playing In This Box, So His Owner Got A BRILLIANT Idea…

Dogs, it’s almost too difficult to imagine ourselves without them. Being ever loving, playful, and loyal, they’ve earned the title of man’s best friend. They can do all sorts of things, including fighting at our side, using their amazing sense of smell to find danger, or just playing around and being generally adorable little fluff balls, there’s no denying that loves are essential for our happiness in life.

People who are lucky enough to have dogs living with them know for sure that they’re considered a part of the family. And as if they were another sibling, they are sometimes the butt end of jokes and pranks that their human friends play on them. As long as they are not harmed or too scared, pranks can be very fun to do with your dog!

The following video features a prank done on a doggy that will make you laugh hysterically. There are several videos of pranks being pulled on dogs, but this one is definitely one of the best ever. You’ll find yourself replaying this video over and over after you watch it. Everyone knows that small dog + big dog = tons of fun, so prepare to have a treat of that in the video right below.

Watch this hilarious moment for yourself in the clip right under here, you’ll adore it!

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