A Dog Loyally Follows His Owner Even When He’s In The Hospital. I’m In TEARS!

The following video, “Denali”, is a tribute made by Ben Moon that he decided to do to honor his dear dog friend, and it will touch your heart. It was recorded and presented from the point of view of Denali, and it expresses the love that Ben had for the dog extremely well. It’s an understatement to say that this video is touching, it’s a very emotional experience overall.

It tells us a story of love and journeys, of being side by side as partners, and it’s all from the perspective of the loveliest friend that a human can have. If you have ever lived with a dog in your home before, you can probably identify the experiences and emotions that are presented in the tribute video, and you must know how amazing it feels.

It starts all the way back to when Ben and Denali first met each other, and it shows just how amazing their relationship was, even from the very start. They became inseparable right after meeting each other, and after his life took an unexpected turn and he had to leave town to travel, Denali was right beside him all the while.

It’s a very touching story, don’t miss it in the video right below. And remember to share the video with your friends on Facebook.

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