This Dog Made A Mess At Home. When Mom Asks Her About It, The Reaction She Gets Is PRICELESS!

Dogs are known to be loyal and faith creatures. But it looks like even they have a limit to their loyalty and can falter when their name is on the line. No one wants to be blamed for what they didn’t do, even if you are being blamed by your best friend! The adorable dogs in the following video are going through a similar situation.

This owner walked home and saw her little French Bulldog covered from head to toe with toilet paper. There are shreds of toilet paper all around the house and she has an idea of who the culprit might be. She gets straight to the point and asks the little girl if she made the mess, but the little tyke has nothing to say for herself.

Then the owner turns the camera on her other dog, a Bull Mastiff who looks worried, but not necessarily guilty. Her tail is thumping on the wood floor and makes her even cuter. When the owner asks her Bull Mastiff “friend” the same question, “Who made this mess?” she has no problem literally pointing at her friend and totally throwing her under the bus!

It is hilarious! And it is so obvious which one of these dogs is the troublemaker all the time. I have never seen a dog point, but this Bull Mastiff has mastered it. Her friend must be in trouble a lot!

Watch this funny video below! Did you expect that response from this adorable dog? Let us know in the comments section!