Their Dog Had Been Missing For 20 Months. But When They Get THIS Message One Day? I’m In Tears!

Gunnar the Golden Retriever went missing from his family’s home in Verona 20 months ago. As the months passed, the sad family slowly lost hope of ever finding their pooch again. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t look for him. In fact, they did everything in their power to locate the dog. But unfortunately, nothing worked and they didn’t find him, but their luck was about to change.

While all this was happening, the Pittsburgh Animal Care & Control were on their own important mission. Officers got a report of a loose dog in Squirrel Hill, but they were unable to catch the frightened dog due to his quickness. However, they didn’t give up. They eventually managed to capture him and bring him to Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center.

Staff members soon discovered a microchip and found out that the dog was actually Gunnar! His family was notified and they soon arrived to retrieve him. This video begins with their happy reunion. Gunnar only needs one little sniff of his dad to know who he is and his reaction is priceless. His tail wags and licks dad’s face, but as soon as he puts his paws around his dad’s neck for a hug, I just lost it.

Gunnar remembers his mom too and showers her with kisses as well. She is just as overjoyed to see him as Gunnar’s dad is. This reunion sure is a happy one and you won’t want to miss it.

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