This Dog Was Missing All Day, They Could Hear Him But They Couldn’t Find Him!

In 2014, a 14-year-old chocolate Labrador named Quik had quite an adventure. This owner, Judy Froehlich, let him out one morning in October and soon he was gone. She sent her husband Frank out to drive around the neighborhood looking for the dog.

Frank could occasionally hear the dog’s bark but he couldn’t find him, after hours of searching he asked neighbor to help. The neighbor owned a hunting dog, and English setter, who is trained to track down and retrieve at birds.

Eventually they found the poor dog stuck in a thick patch of mud. It took the two men two hours to free chocolate Labrador. After such a long and tiring day, Quik went home and had a bath and a long nap. Quik was fine, but he now had a new friend in the English setter that saved his life.

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