Dog mom of two records her pups after she leaves for work, captures footage that’s melting hearts

If you’re a pet owner, you’d probably be content to spend all your time with your furry friend. But you’ve got to go out sometime and even if we’re talking about a dog, they can’t come along every time. While you’re out, your pet is going to miss you and that’s perfectly normal. In extreme cases, a pet can develop separation anxiety, becoming overwhelmed by panic and a sense of dread. A dog with this condition deals with it by doing things like bark excessively, whine, pace around, damage furniture, make escape attempts, drool lavishly, or have “accidents.”

When one woman set out to get a dog, she opted for a beagle. And why not? They’re wonderful dogs, one of the most popular out there. Beagles were bred for hunting rabbits and that job demanded a dog that was smart but single-minded. With their small size and pleasant demeanor, they’ve more recently shined as therapy dogs. The gentle, friendly, merry beagle personality also makes them a perfect family pet. Concerned that if she just got one beagle, they would get lonely when she wasn’t home, she decided to get two of them. They’d keep each other company, play, have a good time, and distract each other from any worry over her absence, right?

To find out if her idea was working, the woman arranged for a video to be shot while she wasn’t home. Just seconds after she was out the door, both beagles were sitting right there at the front door, looking out the window mournfully and letting rip with that inimitable beagle howl. After some more noise-making, they settled down next to each other, still staring out the window. It’s as if you can hear them wondering, “When is mom going to be home? It’s got to be any second now! Huh? When’s she going to be back?”

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