Dog and Mommy Run Through House. I Couldn’t Believe What He Thought Was Still There.

There are things that we still do out of rote habit even though things may change. Sometimes I’ll subconsciously push up my reading glasses even if they aren’t physically present on my face and I’m not reading. At least I don’t wander around looking for them when they are perched on top of my head. That’s nothing though – this video here shows a canine who has become so used to leaping over something that its absence doesn’t deter him.

We see a dog and his mommy running back and forth from the kitchen into the living room. There’s been a big change in the house – a childproof gate has been removed. Baby must be big enough to know how to behave around the kitchen… Anyway, the dog, who looks like a husky mix of some sort, is completely oblivious to the change, jumping over the phantom fence as if it was still there.

This pooch must be so used to jumping over the gate that he doesn’t even think about it. If he was really paying attention, he’d be like “Why is my mommy running through the gate and I’m jumping? Wait a minute… there’s no gate. I’m such a silly dog!” That doesn’t happen in this video, though I’m sure that the light bulb went off at some point in the next day or so. Then again, he’s getting exercise.

This dog reminds me just a bit of a dog that used to live in the house right across from my grandmother. It was a pit bull and it was not a nice dog. He’d bark and growl at us from across the fence. We would have been worried, but this was also not a bright dog. He only thought he could jump one way… up. He’d be bouncing up and down like he was on springs but never thought to propel himself forward. It was quite funny.

Wasn’t this adorable? I couldn’t get enough of watching this. Do you have a pet who still does a “phantom” habit? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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