This Dog Is Named Best Employee At A Local Zoo. What He Does – OMG!

Dogs are naturals when it comes to babysitting, and it doesn’t matter if the baby is another animal or a real human baby. Blakely will show you just what amazing nannies dogs are.

At the Cincinnati Zoo, a Shepherd named Blakely lives in the nursery and helps take care of the baby animals. The staff at Cincinnati Zoo considers him their boss as he’s the best employee they have at getting the baby animals under control.

Blakely teaches them good manners. He is very patient with them as they rough house him and tug his ears and what not.

When it comes to exercise, the animals always follow Blakely’s lead. One particular baby mountain goat at the zoo would only take a walk if Blakely is with him.

Blakely is never moody and is always up for anything with the baby animals.

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