A Dog Nearly Killed This Child, Watch What The Cat Did, A Real Hero!

CAUTION – this video is hard to watch.

As you can see from the security footage, a little boy was riding his bike yesterday when a neighbor’s dog ran out and attacked him for reasons that are unknown. The boy could have been seriously hurt, had it not been for his cat! Without fear, the family cat, Tara, ran out and jumped at the dog, scaring him away and saving the little boy. Tara even chased the dog until he was well off her property. I’ve never seen a cat so brave in my life, or so connected to her owner! She literally risked her life for this little boy! This is truly an amazing video.

As a pet lover, I know this isn’t usual behavior for dogs. Perhaps the dog had bad owners, or something happened that the camera didn’t catch. Either way, I am so thankful the boy is okay (he only needed a few stitches), and I hope the dog ends up being safety evaluated.

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