When This Dog Opened Its Mouth It Did Something So Incredible, I Am Completely Speechless!

If you’re like me, dog videos can totally turn your day around. Whenever I’m having a bad day or going through a struggle in life, I look for a cute dog video and it always makes me laugh. Maybe it’s because dogs are full of unconditional love or because they would do anything for their owners.

Regardless of why dogs brighten our life, the fact that they do is undeniable. In this short video clip watch as Brody displays his amazing talking dog skills.

Because Holly Stephens wants to be able to take her dog to work, she has trained him to whisper. If he barks on the job, he might not be able to come into the office anymore. She doesn’t want to risk going to work without her best friend.

Watch this short video to see how Brody has practiced and mastered three levels of volume. He is ready for anything now and won’t be too loud in the office.

He is able to respond to his owner’s tone of voice and adjust the volume of his voice depending on the situation.

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